Allen Iverson Net Worth and Biography


Allen Iverson is the biggest American basketball player in the world. Allen Iverson’s net worth is $32,000,000 Allen had played with the number of the team as an active member. He had played 20 seasons of the national basketball association. He had played for the shooting guard and point guard in the matches. He had won many awards. He was ‘NBA All-star’ for 11 times, he had won ‘All-star game MVP award’ in 2001 and as well as in 2005. He was considered as the most famous player in 2001.

The brief description of the Allen Iverson is as follow:

Name  Allen Iverson
Date of Birth  June 7, 1975
Occupation Basketball player
Nationality American
Partner Tawanna Turner
  • Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson
  • Tiaura Iverson
  • Messiah Lauren Iverson
  • Allen Iverson II
  • Dream Alijha Iverson
Marital Status: Divorced
Salary and Income $32,000,000 USD

Allen Iverson – Family background

Allen was born in Hampton, Virginia on June 7, 1975. The name of the father of the Allen Iverson is Allen Broughton. Allen was named at his father. The name of the mother of the Allen is Ann Iverson. Allen father left his mother when he was of 15-year-old. After leaving his mother he used to call her mother by the maiden.

Net Worth of the Allen Iverson 2016
Allen Iverson

When he started his high school education he used to take the active part in the football matches. He used to be a point guard in the matches. During his teenage, he was able to handle any team and any kind of pressure. He was able to earn his livelihood at this level. He had got the awards at that level. He attended the college of Georgetown from 1994 to 1996.

Net Worth of the Allen Iverson 2016
Allen Iverson

After getting an education from the college he started his sports career. He got married in 2001 with the girl Tawanna Turner. He had 5 children from the Tawanna Turner. The names of the children are Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, Tiaura Iverson, Messiah Lauren Iverson, Allen Iverson II and Dream Alijha Iverson. He divorced his wife Tawanna Turner at 2013.

How Much is Allen Iverson net worth? $32 Million

When Allen Iverson was in the college then they taught him free because of his talent in the football. He had promised with the college that he will play for them. This was the thing which helps him to improve his career and increased his net worth overall. He played two seasons for his team of Georgetown. He was invited by the Philadelphia 76ers to play for their team and they gave him a handsome amount of playing for them.

Net Worth of the Allen Iverson 2016
Allen Iverson

He started his career from 1996 with the total Allen Iverson’s salary or income of $2 million. Playing for the Philadelphia had benefited him financially that his income was increased to 8 times of the starting income.  Allen Iverson’s net worth according to the previous statistical report is $ 32 million the US.