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How much is Ciara worth?

Ciara is the legendary American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and fashion model, Ciara’s net worth according to the statistical is $16 million US dollars. Her real name is Ciara Princess Harris. She was born in Austin, Texas United States on October 25, 1985. She is 30 years old. She had traveled in her childhood around the world. She joined a group of the girls at Atlanta Georgia. The group was broke down due to the differences. So, she left it. At that time, she realized that she has the ability to write the songs. These multi-talents played a major role in increasing the net worth of the Ciara.

  • Family Background of the Ciara

The name of the father of the Ciara is Carlton Harris and the name of the mother is Jackie Harris. She is the one child of her parents. She loves her friend very much and is sincere with all of her friend because a friend had made an important role in increasing her net worth, by sending her family to the tour of the world where she improved herself.

Ciara Net Worth
Ciara Princess Harris

In the teenage, she had formed the group of the all-girl with her two friends. They worked collectively and recorded memos etc. but later on due to the differences the group was broken down and these girls scattered.  This was the first time when she had realized that she can write the songs well. She had signed a deal of the songwriter at that time. The first song written by her is “Got Me Waiting” which was sung by the singer R & B of the album “free yourself”.

Ciara Net Worth
Ciara Princess Harris

Her second album was released in 2006 which was also a big hit for her, three songs of the album Ciara the evolution was ‘promise’, ‘like a boy’ and ‘get up’ were the big hit of her. Future was her partner at 2013and she had left him at 2014, now the Russell Wilson is her partner. She has one child who was from Future and she had named him on his ex-partner. The name of the only son of her is Future Zahir Wilburn.

The Net worth of the Ciara

  • Ciara Net Worth
    Ciara Princess Harris

Ciara has earned a lot in her previous life and also earning till now due to her skills. her net worth according to the statistical is $ 16 million US dollars. Seeing her net worth, we realize that the net worth of the Ciara is increasing gradually and this increase is good. The yearly income from 2012 to up till now is as follow:

  • A yearly income in 2012 is approximate $5,692,307.
  • A yearly income in 2013 is approximate $7,000,000.
  • A yearly income in 2014 is approximate $10,500,000.
  • A yearly income in 2015 is approximate $15,635,000.
  • A yearly income in 2016 is approximate $18,000,000.

The brief description of the Ciara is as follow:

NameCiara Princess Harris
Date of BirthOctober 25, 1985
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • dancer
  • actor
  • fashion model
PartnerFuture, Russell Wilson
Marital statusMarried

Future Zahir Wilburn

NationalityUnited states
Ciara Net Worth:$ 22 million


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