Don King Net Worth (Business Man & Boxing Promoters)


1) Muhammad Ali Clay

Ali sued Don King for the year of 1983 with the claim of $ 1,000,000 for a fight. Ali got $ 50,000 fifty thousand dollars by the side of Don King.

2) Mike Tyson

The most success achiever boxer of Don King named as Mike Tyson submitted a lawsuit against his successor and got $ 14 Fourteen Million in return, for the year of 2004.

3) Tim Witherspoon

Tim uses King and submits a lawsuit around $ 7,500,000 seven million dollars.

4) Lennox Lewis

Lennox sue’s king for the year of 2004 with the amount of $ 350 Million.

Don King earns almost $ 15 Million in the form of ticket sales, for the year of 2004-4005 in top 3 fights of the year. On another hand, if we take a keen look on total his earnings of these years it is estimated that Don King earns $ 66,000,000 sixty-six million. An international American writer and journalist “Franz Lidz” wrote a 5000 words story or essay on the choking hair style of Don King. He is very famous in his surroundings just because of his unhealthy lifestyles and hair styles too. On the other hand, he organises Michel Jackson’s Victory Tour too, for the year of 1984. King promoted his boxing enterprise by appearing on several talk shows like “The Howard Stern Show”. These are some movies in which Don King appears as an actor. Only In United America, The Last Fight, The Head Office and The Devil’s Advocate, between the years of 1982-1986.




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