Donald Trump Republican -Make America Great Again

Donald Trump Republican
Make American Great Again

Donald Trump is an American businessman, politician, television personality, and author. Donald trump republican stands in the U.S presidential election of 2016 where he was the nominee for president seat. He has won the states primaries, caucuses, and delegates to the 2016 Republic national convention. Donald selected Mike pence the 50th Indiana governor as his vice presidential assistant. The head quarter is Trump tower, in Manhattan, New York.  His Companion slogan is “Make America Great Again”.

Main people working in Donald companion

There are many people in this companion but the key people are listed below:

Donald Trump Republican
Make America Great Again

Director of social media

Stephen BannonChief executive
Kellyanne Conway Campaign manager
Katrina Pierson National spokesperson
Hope Hicks Press secretary
Michael Glassner Deputy campaign manager
Daniel Scavino Jr.
Ben Carson VP Selection Committee Leader
Chris ChristieWhite House Transition Chairman
Bill PalatucciWhite House Transition Coordinator
Michael CohenSpecial counsel
Anthony Scaramucci Economic Advisor
Paul Manafort Campaign chairman
Corey Lewandowski Campaign manager
Roger StonePolitical adviser


Background of Donald Presidential Companion

Trump has been considered as a potential candidate for president in every election since 1988. In 1999, trump announced that he is the potential candidate for the Reform Party for the presidential nomination. But he boycotted on 14 February 2000.

Trump said that he identified as a Democrat, in 2004. He rejoined Republic Party in 2009. He said that he is the Pro-life and against gun control, in the front of the tea party supporters in 2011. In the beginning of 2011, Presidential rumor arrived its highest point and trump started to take a lead in the polls among Republican candidates in the election of 2012.

Donald Trump Republican
Make America Great Again

Trump was a superior candidate in the party due to the early polls. According to the USA today Gallup telephone survey Trump positioned on sixth in the ten most admired men and women living of 2011.

In 2013, he thought about the president seat in the USA election of 2016. The same year, Donald trump republican suggested him to run for governor of states in 2014. Trump had not repeated his TV agreement for “The Apprentice”, which increased the chance of his standing in the for president of the US of 2016.  After that year Trump was featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action conference.

Democrats who opposes Donald Trump Republican

Politicians of many parties said that they will vote for the trump but don’t recommend him.  This statement of the politicians was not understandable by the media and the nation. But if we think about it then it is quite clear that the politicians are against the trump and don’t want to see him as the president.

When Senator Kelly announced this opposing statement then there caused a head scratching all over. Everyone have a lot of questions in the mind. These questions were not answered but in turns out Ayotte was an innovator.

Donald Trump Republican
Make America Great Again

In safe house seats, people said that they would vote for Trump or simply the nominee. In more competitive districts the people refused to give their opinions and they said that they have not decided yet. Representative Mike Coffman created a TV ad encouraging standing up with Trump, but he did not say he wouldn’t poll for the Republican nominee.





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