Jamie Dimon Net Worth 2017 – CEO of JPMorgan become a Billionaire


Jamie Dimon Net Worth: Taking care of the money seems to be a great profession. Let Jamie Dimon, the CEO of investment bank JPMorgan Chase, just become a billionaire. Thanks to the massive salary and bonuses that he receives annually, Dimon has built an investment portfolio over the years and today includes $485 million in shares of the bank he runs, at least $ 32 million in real estate and an investment portfolio of almost US $ 600 million. Dimon has net worth of $1.16 billion, and salary is $20 million.

Jamie Dimon Net Worth

His fortune was evaluated this week by economic news agency “Bloomberg” at $ 1.1 billion, a figure that should continue to rise as JPMorgan shares have yielded good returns this year.


* In time: among Brazilians, the most likely executive to become a billionaire is Carlos Brito, CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev, which has already pocketed over R $ 300 million in just one year as bonuses for good results The company. (By Anderson Antunes)

Family – Wife – Children:

Jamie Dimon got married to Judith Kent (wife), and she gave birth to baby girls (daughters) name as Kara Leigh, Laura, and Julia. Dimon involved in Judith Kent at Harvard School and give her a title of wife. His height is not measured yet.

CEO of JPMorgan says being American is ‘almost embarrassing’

JPMorgan Chase bank executive director Jamie Dimon was delighted to criticize the political impasses in Washington on Friday, saying their dysfunction threatened the plans of the US economy.

“It’s almost embarrassing to be an American citizen traveling the world and seeing the shit we have to deal with in this country,” Dimon said in a teleconference with analysts.

A member of Donald Trump’s business advisory board, Dimon said the United States will find it difficult to accelerate GDP growth to 1.5% or 2% if it fails to approve pro-market policies. Trump has net worth of triple to Dimon which is $3.5 billion.

“I just went to France, Argentina, Israel, Ireland. I met the Prime Minister of India, from China, and it is striking to me that each of these countries understands that practical policies that stimulate business growth are good For the average citizen, for jobs and for wages, “he said.

“And somehow, in the great American system of free companies, we do not have that anymore.”

Dimon, who is also chairman of the lobby group Business Roundtable, reiterated his call for a tax reform that would make the country more competitive with other nations.

He also complained of “excessive regulations” that impede infrastructure works.

“We have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing and contentious societies,” he said. “The growth would have been much greater if we had made smart decisions to end impasses.”

The head of the US bank JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has been lamenting a political halt in Washington in drastic terms. It was a “stupid story … we are dealing with in this country,” Dimon said in a telephone conference with analysts.

The head of the US bank JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has been lamenting a political halt in Washington in drastic terms. It is a “stupid story … we are dealing with in this country,” Dimon said on Friday in a telephone conference with analysts. It was “almost an embarrassment” to be a US citizen in the world.

Dimon is a member of an economic advisory board of US President Donald Trump. He was frustrated with the fact that Trump had not yet made plans with his plans to significantly reduce corporate taxes. He also complained that excessive regulation hindered important infrastructure projects such as bridge building.

The US has become one of the “most bureaucratic” and “most processive” countries in the world, said Dimon. In other countries, such as Argentina, China, France, India or Israel, which he has just traveled, it is better understood that “practical policies to promote the growth of enterprises” are good for the jobs and wages of the average citizen.