This Man Could’ve Prevented Tupac’s Murder


The actor Faizon Love made a bold statement in a live conversation on Instagram.

He claims that the superstar of rap Snoop Dogg had a great influence on his “Crips”. This power that he could have used to prevent the murder of his rival Tupac Shakur in 1996. Because: in the rap scene, we know that the young rapper was shot by gang members of the famous “Crips”.

Rapper Tupac's murder

Comical Love is sure that the conflict between Tupac and Snoop Dogg has led to “Crips” compulsions by seeing Pac out of the way. At the beginning of their career, Snoop and Pac were the best companions. The friendship became very heavy

At the beginning of their career, Snoop and Pac were the best companions. The friendship became very heavy because of the beef between Tupac and the New York rap star, Notorious BIG, intensified.

Both come out of the dis-tracks against each other. When Tupac was shot five times in New York in 1994, he ordered Biggie and Puff Daddy (now known as Diddy) to command the assassination.

Tupac survived the attack and wrote the diss-track “Hit ’em Up“. The Westcoast-Eastcoast rivalry has officially begun.

It would end up being tragic. Snoop Dogg refused to convict Biggie and the rappers from New York. He was very close to them and had no purpose in a war against them.

Tupac couldn’t understand that. He changed Snoop and changed to Rap-Lable “Death Row” by Suge Knight. At the time, Tupac was the most successful rapper in the world.

Brawl with Crips just before his death

On the evening of September 7, 1996, Tupac and Suge Knight visited a boxing match of their close friend Mike Tyson at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Knight and a few “Death Row” partners were robbed the day before by “Crips” members. Under the administration of Orlando Anderson, they attacked the rappers in a “Foot Locker” store.

After the boxing match, Tupac conceded Orlando Anderson and hit him on the ground. A mass strike broke out. Suge Knight and Pac could escape into their BMW and drove away.

At a red light, an SUV stopped next to them and fired shots at the BMW. Tupac was deadly injured. Suge Knight survived with a streak at the head. Suge has net worth of $200,000, while Tupac had $40 million. On the other hand, Snoop Dogg has been earning $135 million per year.

One of the main suspects of the murder was Notorious BIG, the TUPAC rival. A year later he was shot in his car-the tragic end of a pointless rap war.

Red Blue:

In the United States, “the capital of gangs” in Los Angeles, there have been two rival gangs since the 1970 years. The “Crips” and the “Bloods”. Both bands want to dominate the city and are involved in drug trafficking and murders.

The “Crips” wear blue clothing as a distinctive feature. One particular feature is that they have a blue bandana that they wear on the head or out of the back trousers.

The “Bloods” are recognizable by their red clothes. They are mostly visible in red caps, or even red bandanas. These gangs are actively fighting for decades. So far, the conflict has already cost hundreds of deaths-the gangs pass over the bodies to assert their “turf” (terrain).

According to comic love, Tupac would still be alive today if Snoop and he had not argued. He’s convinced that Snoop could have prevented the murder. Many rappers belong to the gangs Not only is Snoop Dogg a member of the “Crips”.

Many of today’s famous rappers are either a member or once before their careers. A famous “Blood” member is, for example, “The Game”, the “50 Cent” discovered and released. It is still visible in the cap ed or red bandana.