Rapper DMX Arrested and Charged Over $1.7 Corruption


Rapper DMX Accused of Withholding $ 1.7 Million in US Taxes. Now the musician has been arrested for tax evasion – and the prosecutor finds strict words.

Cantor will respond to 14 charges, including creating a scheme to avoid paying taxes over years.

Rapper DMX Arrested and Charged of $1.7 million

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The United States Justice Department said on Thursday that rapper DMX was charged with tax evasion. The 46-year-old singer, whose real name is Earl Simmons, will respond to 14 counts, including creating a scheme to avoid paying $ 1.7 million over years.

DMX was handed over to US court on Thursday and will appear in federal court in New York on Friday (14).

“For years, Earl Simmons, the artist known as DMX, made millions with his songs on the top of the charts, shows, and TV shows,” said promoter Joon H. Kim. “But while accumulating millions with their songs, including the 2003 hit ‘X gon’ give it to ya ‘, DMX did not give any of it to the US Internal Revenue Service.”

The prosecution accuses the rapper of avoiding taxes by using money mostly, not using private accounts at banks and paying expenses through other people’s accounts.

In 2015 DMX was sentenced to six months in prison for failing to pay $ 400,000 in child support. He was also detained in 2013 for possession of marijuana, and in 2011 was released after 11 months in prison for parole violation. DMX has net worth of $10 million by singing.

Control? DMX, they did not seem to care about it for years – and this revenges itself now: Because he has withdrawn $ 1.7 million in taxes and his insolvency was supposed to have deceived, the US rapper must be responsible for court. “Celebrity rappers or not, all Americans must pay their taxes,” prosecutor Joon H. Kim told the court on Friday.

DMX, whose name is Earl Simmons, was the breakthrough in the US music scene in 1998 with his debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”. Also, the next albums of the Dark Man X landed at the top of the US charts.

However, for its revenues between 2002 and 2005 DMX should have paid no taxes. “While he’s gotten millions with his songs, about 2003 with his hit ‘X’ Give It To Ya ‘, DMX did not let the tax authorities do it,” the prosecutor reproached him. While the Treasury wanted to collect them, the 46-year-old musician and actor tried instead to declare himself insolvent.

In total, DMX applied for three times his insolvency, according to the prosecutor’s office – including after having paid no maintenance. If he is guilty of all 14 charges, the maximum penalty is 44 years in prison.