Rapper TI and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris had to go through so some depths. A miscarriage, a tax scandal, and even a prison sentence could not destroy the love of the two. Until now! For now, the relationship is broken!

As “TheDirty.com” reports, Tiny has filed the divorce of TI. The two were a couple for 15 years! In 2010 they married. After six years of marriage, Tiny has now finished. Already a week ago she posted a cryptic message on Instagram, which now has a completely new meaning. Has she announced the separation here? “I do not force anything, what flows, flows, what breaks together, breaks down, what will be, that will be,”  she wrote thoughtfully.

It was only in March that TI and Tiny became parents for the third time. Daughter Heiress seemed to be the great happiness of the family. But she, too, could not save the marriage of the two. Why Tiny suddenly pulls the curtain is not known. Surely only one thing is certain: the children of the two will suffer most from the separation.

He will look for 390,000 US dollars for his gangster image. Currently, TI rapper has net worth of $50 million USD.

It looks as if TI would have to pull out his credit card soon, because an advertising agency sued him and his management now – the musician is supposed to look for a total of 390,000 US dollars for his performance at a high school graduation party in Florida last June In the short term.

At the beginning of the deal were the organizers already rather reluctantly … Because experienced in May fans moments of terror, four people were shot during his New York concert as before the “Live Your Life” artists took the stage. One of the victims died shortly thereafter in the hospital.

This, of course, made the Planet Productions agency distrustful, which is why they were already demanding $ 55,000 to cancel the gig. But Clifford’s management assured a safe environment for the students. Planning for the concert continued.

The cancellation The company spent around 10,000 US dollars a day for advertising campaigns. But a little later the rapper from Atlanta himself pulled the plug and blew off the entire show. 300,000 dollar marketing campaigns, as well as 90,000 dollars alone for the book of the rapper, he is now to leaf himself.