Actor Tyler Perry Net Worth


Tyler Perry is the most popular actor, director, and producer of the Hollywood industry. His Income makes Tyler the richest people of the world. The net worth of Tyler Perry according to the statistical is 400 Million US dollar. He had directed more than fifteen movies and many TV shows. His movie got the great success in the world and made him the richest person in the world.

Tyler is at the top of the producer in the Hollywood industry as he had beaten the record of the other directors and the producer who had more experience than him. He had made the first five places of his movie in the box office. This is the most honorable thing for him. Hollywood industry is the powerful sources of increasing net worth.

The brief description of the Tyler Perry is as follow:

Name Emmitt Perry Jr
Yearly Income: $250 Million
Annual Salary: $250 Million
Net worth: $400,000,000 USD
Date of Birth September 13, 1969
  • Actor
  • producer
  • director
  • screenwriter
  • playwright
  • author
  • songwriter
Nationality American
Wife Gelila Bekele
  1. Aman Tyler Perry
Marital status Married
  • Family background of the Tyler Perry

The real name of the Tyler is Emmitt Perry Jr. who was born at New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States on September 13, 1969, and he is now 46 years old.  The name of the father was Emmitt Perry, Sr. who was a carpenter. The name of the mother was Willie Maxine Perry. Perry loves his mother but hates his father because in the childhood his father beats him so harshly. In his childhood, he ran from his house in order to commit suicide. He had changed his name from Emmitt to Tyler in order to make the distance from his father.

After getting the school education, he had watched a show in which the art of writing the story was describing. This thing attracts him so much. He decided to be a writer since then. He proved himself as a good writer and producer as well. He got married with the girl Gelila Bekele in 2009. He has one child from her. His name is Aman Tyler Perry. He is enjoying his life with small family happily.


How Much is Tyler Perry’s net worth?:

Tyler Perry has made many successes in his life which keep him up to the sky. Perry has worked as the creator of different TV shows. He had made his first film production “Know I have been changed”. It was released in 1998. This movie became very popular.

The movie which gave him a great success was released in 2005, named “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. This was the brilliant success for him and increased his net worth. He had also made some popular TV shows ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ which has played a vital part in increasing the net worth of the Tyler. This show was cast up to eight seasons.

The overall Tyler Perry net worth according to the statistical is 400 million US dollar.

Perry is a great guy, I love his company, said by Faith Hill.


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