UK Blast in Ariana Grande Concert – 19 Dead, 54 Injured


Ariana Grande The hip hop American professional star was on her tour to Europe. Before Manchester Ariana Grande perform in Dublin and Birmingham. It was the first performance of Ariana Grande in Manchester. The Manchester Arena is full with fans. On 22 May, Monday night at 10:43 PM every single person in Arena heard a loud and nasty sound of the explosion. At the time of the attack, the concert was at the end, and fans are going out from Manchester Arena.

According to an eyewitness, “after an explosion, everyone wants an emergency exit from Arena. All people hear a loud blow outside from auditorium.” Everyone was running towards the exit gates and screaming after an attack. They just want to get out from the Arena. There was a thick smoke after an explosion, many of them were bleeding and running like mad’s. According to a press release of USA intelligence agencies, “There is a possibility of the sucide attack in this matter, but it is not confirmed.” After five hours of attack at 7: 51 AM – 23 May 2017 Ariana Grande tweeted that she is broken from the bottom of her heart and she has no words to explain how much sorrow she contains for victims. Around four hundred of police officers were in front of Manchester Arena, after the explosion.


Donald Trump:

Trump said, “I amplify my most personal sympathy to those people who are died or seriously harmed in the current terrorist assault, and with the families of sufferers. Our nation is standing with people of England. If we pronounce the terrorist with the name of Evil, I think it is not a big thing for them. From know, i or we will mark them with the name of losers.”

Manchester Police Department:

It was one of the biggest terror attacks in United Kingdom’s history. It is not right or healthy for the peace of Great Britan. In July 2005 attacks 52 people were died, because of bombings.  PM (Prime Minister) canceled her election push or crusade after a terror attack. Police have sealed the area and not allowing visiting Arena’s place. Investigation teams are collecting proofs from the location presently. Police are showing the possibility of a person who carried the bomb in his bag pack to Arena. Manchester police department is currently working with UK intelligence agencies to solve this case as soon as possible. Many eye witnesses describe two sounds of an explosion, but the police department is not agreed with these statements.

Manchester Arena has the capacity of adjusting more than twenty-one thousand humans can quickly. The fans of Ariana Grande who were present in concert to watch the performance, a majority were young teens.  It looks like the terrorist attack on children and teenagers. Terrorist assault targets the people who are getting out when the concert was approximately at its end. 54 people are hurt very badly in this attack.